Call me "boring", but when it comes to certain foods, I admit that I have very simple tastes. ( Sorry , but I don't really care if my coffee is the Guatemala Cai Cielo from Starbucks - if it's black, hot and not burnt - I'm down with it) The same with chicken on the grill.  No need to spice it up with onion salt or paprika or whatever.   Maybe a little barbeque sauce, but otherwise I'm a happy camper.

And when it comes to ice cream, I used to think I was a REAL dud, because I always buy a half gallon of good old ice cold vanilla.  But I found out that this isn't too weird.  According to

Seven in 10 consumers buy vanilla, chocolate or strawberry, says Howard Waxman, editor of Ice Cream Reporter

So why in heavenly hash's name do they have the following ice cream flavors for the summer (again, according to USA today?

1. French Toast

2.  Caramel Apple Fresh Escape (looks like guacamole in a cone - disgusting!)

3. Firehouse 31 (with atomic fireball like candy crushed inside of it!)

4. Maple Bacon Sunday  (with real bacon bits in it!)

5. Late Nite Snack -Actually invented with the the help of talk show host Jimmy Fallon and made                with  chocolate covered potato chips!   Gross me out with a spoon!

If you'd like to actually see pictures of these culinary gems, click here

Would you eat these?  Do you think we've gone too far in this country with CHOICES?  Did you choose           to look at these photos?  Is your head still inside of an airsick bag as we speak?   Sorry, folks but I                  want ice cream, not other mystery food groups masquerading lurking inside of it.

It reminds me of what we used to do in college after a meal in the dining hall.  We would take all of               our scrapings, put it into a bowl and challenge someone at the table to eat it!

Go ahead, folks.  Enjoy living on the edge.  As for me?  Call me plain vanilla.