If you're like me, as a kid, a weekend didn't go by without turning on the Nintendo 64 and racing your friends in Mario Kart. Now, you can race on a similar course in person and you don't have to dust off the old console!

Go karting is one of those activities I take for granted but this is totally a reason for a trip over to Niagara Falls. Branson Tracks is a company from Missouri known for their amazing go kart experiences. Now those of us in New York State can benefit

Branson Tracks
Branson Tracks

because they're building right next to Niagara Falls! Granted, it's the Canadian side but that's not that far!

According to Lad Bible, if the course is like anything like their facility in Missouri, we can expect a mile long, four story track that includes a full spiral and two mini spirals. They also have a converted mini golf course with even more spirals and something they describe as a "self-drive roller coaster."

Not into go karts? They will also offer 4D motion theatre, simulators, and some kind of zombie exhibit. The Niagara Falls location, to be called Niagara Speedway, is planned for completion before the Winter but won't be officially open until 2018. This will be the largest location of its kind found in the entirety of North America and it's only about 5 hours away!

I can't wait to try it! For Mario Kart fans, no word on turtle shells but I hope they'll let my friends and I ride around with balloons on the back of the car. Dibs on Yoshi!

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