It will be a very long time before victims of Hurricane Sandy get their lives back.  You'd have to shower some of these folks with money to bring them back to where they were before this horrific natural disaster.  There's only one man to do that -and  he's very fat with a white beard

According to a story at, a secret santa is giving away $100,000, and actually went to New Jersey and New York to hand out money to people who had their belongings robbed during the storm.

The jolly fat man moseyed on up to people in Elizabeth, NJ and hard hit Staten Island and started shelling out hundred dollar bills.

How did they control the situation?  Cops and FBI agents went along with him, and some of them actually had Elf caps on to keep it festive. Here's some video

What a great story, huh?

By the way, to help out the effort, 2 elementary schools (one in New York, one in New Jersey)  recently joined forces to create a little theme song in conjunction with my Reading, Writing and Rhyming Tour. It was a real labor of love on the kids' part and mine.   If you haven't heard it, here's a second chance