Last night my girlfriend Samantha and I visited with some friends of mine at their house.  Delicious food was had, drinks were made and fun was had by all.  At one point in the night, while drinking a simple club soda in a cup with a plastic straw, I asked one the hosts why they decided to use the plastic ones instead of making the 2019 switch to paper straws like seemingly everyone is doing.  I wasn't shaming my friends, I was genuinely curious.  The host of the party didn't actually answer question. She gave me the old eye roll, followed by a raised eyebrow, a dirty look and her face screamed 'absolutely bleeping NOT!' without even saying a word.  I had my answer.

In my house, my girlfriend Samantha already made the choice for us to start using paper straws. I know we needed to make the switch to paper over plastic, but I'd be lying if I told you that the 'drink experience' is so much less exciting with paper straws.  I'm a plastic straw chewer...and you can't chew paper.  In fact, when I use paper straws it feels like the dang thing is biodegrading in my mouth.

Look, I don't want sea turtles to get tangled up in plastic, their fate sealed by our selfishness.  I too, want cleaner oceans, more breathable air, and to be a better living partner to other species. So I try to do my part; I recycle, I don't release balloons into the atmosphere, and I try to use as little amounts of plastic as possible.

But I'm completely consumed by guilt when I tell you that I really wish I didn't have to give up plastic straws.  For one night anyway, I didn't.



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