I Hate Paper Straws! There, I Said It…
Last night my girlfriend Samantha and I visited with some friends of mine at their house.  Delicious food was had, drinks were made and fun was had by all.  At one point in the night, while drinking a simple club soda in a cup with a plastic straw, I asked one the hosts why they decided to use the plastic ones instead of making the 2019 switch to paper straws like seemingly everyone is doing.  I w
What’s Worse: Frigid Cold Or Tons Of Snow?
Right now, we're dealing with both a foot or more of snow and ridiculously frigid temps- so that totally sucks.  But, Chrissy and I get into the argument all the time.  Assuming that we weren't experiencing both, what would you rather subject yourself to?  Dealing with the struggle of massive snowfall or dealing with the misery that comes from sub-zero temps?
Ending The Daylight Savings Time Debate
Whatever side you're on, you're probably pretty passionate about it.  When it comes 'springing ahead' and 'falling back' we, as Americans, are certainly not without an opinion.  And a strong one at that.
New Yorkers Have Set Election Record for Registration
Did you register to vote? You had the opportunity to do it right from the comfort of well, wherever you were with your smartphone. It was a simple internet form that needed to be done by October 14th to have you all set to place your vote this November. Apparently a lot of us in New York took that few minutes  because we've broken a record!