I have some keys to making you more successful and  more happy while you enjoy a longer life. Sound to good to be true? Well, in some ways it is. You can achieve all of these things but you may have to make some tough decisions.

First I will tell you how real legitimate research has shown that these things are possible, then I will tell you the sacrifice or change you will have to make in your life to make it happen. Then you will tell me how willing you are to make those changes.

The first one is pretty simple. Researchers have discovered that if you want to be more successful in the workplace you may want to change your name. It would seem that people would names that are easy to pronounce and remember are far more likely to be hired and promoted than those with harder names.

Now we all love our names, but if you knew it could bring you more money and success...?

In another study a sociologist discovered that the secret to a happy successful marriage is an "open relationship". She discovered that marriages are happier with much lower divorce rates in Scandinavian countries where more couples have what's called, "parallel marriages", where you are married but couples more or less accept that their partner will have sex with other people. With that said, if you knew it would make you happier and your relationship stronger...?

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How about living longer? Well last night I was watching a news story that talked about Colon cancer. It is the second biggest cancer killer behind lung cancer. Research shows that there is one thing that you could do to significantly reduce your chances of dying from this disease. Besides getting proper screening, you can cut out hot dogs, pork and especially BEEF from your diet. So knowing it would make you live longer are you...?

There is another way for men to live longer but I don't think I need a poll to determine who would be willing to take it's advice. Researchers discovered that a man can live 14 to 19 years longer if they were willing to be ... castrated.
I'm gonna say 100% say NO!