Topic Roulette: The True Key to Happiness
This morning you voted during topic roulette and you picked my topic! Thanks guys! The topic was.... the true key to happiness in your life!
A new study found that when people participated in nudist activities it made them more satisfied with their bodies and that led to them being more satisfied and…
As Heard on the Sean & Bethany Show: 15 Ways to Be Happy
This week, about 50% of American are pretty pissed off.  The other 50% are pissed off at the first 50%... bottom line, we all could use a little bit of happiness!
So, I found a blog that claims to contain 15 things one needs to do in order to be truly happy...
31 Things That Make You Feel Great
1. Falling in love
Butterflies in your belly, a constant smile on your face, anticipation, excitement - nothing beats it!
2. Laughing so hard your face hurts
Those moments when you and your friends are laughing so hard your cheeks are in pain...
What Makes You Happy?
Many people have the skills to avoid excessive anxiety and depression, but that is not the same skill has learning how to lead a happy and meaningful life.  What makes truly happy people different from everyone else?  And, if you think you are already a happy person, how many of the follow…
Thanksgiving Is Good For Your Health, With One Small Catch
Thanksgiving is good for you.
"Wait just one garsh darn minute there, Sean. How in the world can feeding your pie hole all day long with turkey and stuffing and gravy and yes, even pie be healthy? How can laying around and drinking beer and falling asleep while watching football with your pants …