I love seafood and was quite surprised to hear over the weekend that the Reel Seafood Company had closed its doors. Whether or not you loved it, you can't deny that it was a Wolf Road staple for nearly 40 years and one of the few places in the area that was a real, genuine seafood restaurant.  As news trickled down that the owners had 'gone fishin', I started wondering what, if any, is the best pure seafood restaurant in the Capital Region?

It seems like almost every city I go to, there are a handful of great places where you could get fresh fish, crab legs, lobster, steamed clams, mussels etc. and they're easy to find.   Maybe because when I go out of town and on vacation, it's usually to a beach or some body of water containing seafood we can actually eat.  The Hudson River, with all due respect, ain't one of those places.  Our area has tons of steakhouses that have great seafood, but few pure seafood places.

I would like for you to tell us your favorite; the one or two that you would recommend to an out-of-town person.

*I have a few simple rules in my quest to find the best seafood place in the area* 

1-Please don't include sushi restaurants or fish fry joints because while they serve seafood (and can be delicious) in my opinion, they're not seafood restaurants.

2- The restaurant needs to have some sort of lobster dish even if it's a lobster roll. Lobster bisque, btw, does not a seafood restaurant make.

3- While it doesn't need to be fine dining, I am thinking of places that also have some ambiance as well.

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