This is a great opportunity to learn about New York State in a fun way - through a board game produced in Loudonville called" I Know New York".    How well do YOU know it?

Hee is a game created locally by a team of 6 New York residents  There are 8 topics:  Arts, People, Geography, Pop Culture, History, Sports, Natural History and "I Know It All" (wildcard).  There are 875 multiple-choice cards - each with three possible answers.  I Know New York can be played by individuals or by teams.

Screen Shot I Know New York
used by permission

Here's a test question:

The Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame, created to "Preserve and promote the dignified history of professional wrestling" is located in this city.
A. Utica
B. Amsterdam
C. Buffalo
Looks fun!  If you'd like to purchase it, go to NUT ISLAND's website.  Good luck to the inventors.  Nice idea!



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