Remember getting a board game for Christmas and actually spending time together as a family playing board games on Friday nights?

I still love them, but nobody ever wants to play them. I always asked for one each Christmas and Santa always came through for me. Here are my favorite all time board games that I got as Christmas gifts when I was a kid.

It's still a classic and get a lot of people together for fun all these years later.

4. Clue

Was it Colonel Mustard in the study with a rope? LOL

I loved this game, and learned at an early age that I had no career as a surgeon.

2. Life

The game was so out of touch with life that it always had us laughing.

I was the man when this game was played, which made nobody else want to  play with me. Haha!

Merry Christmas and I hope there was a good board game on your list this year.

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