Coming up this Wedesday on Tech Talk we are going to get to the bottom of yet another gnawing computer related problem.  You just worked hours on a slideshow for your kid's birthday.  Nice job!  Now how do you show it to everyone?That's the question that we are going to pose to the One Stop Technology Shop in the Albany area, Computer Renaissance.

Computer Renaissance
photo by Richie Phillips

I can explain the Mac way of doing it, but I really need the easiest way to explain the PC side, and what do hickies you may need to buy to get it done.

We will pick the brains of the mighty computer experts, Computer Renaissance in Latham in the Newton Plaza.  You can contact them yourself at if you wish.

Adam Berry/Getty Images

They've already helped us with a digital camera question and a virus related problem.  I'm actually waiting to stump them with something they can't answer, but I highly doubt that's gonna happen.  You can call them too at 220-4445

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