A bar manager is reaching out to the public for help in finding two patrons who robbed a local bar. They waited until the bartender took a bathroom break and moved in.The incident happened at Andy's Sports Bar and Grill on New Scotland Ave in Albany early Monday morning. The manager, Christy Myers released the surveillance video in hopes that someone will recognize the people involved.

The suspect waited for the bartender leave the bar area and head to the bathroom. When she did, the man went behind the bar and grabbed two bottles of alcohol. He then handed them off to a woman who put them in her purse. Then the man went back for more and grabbed another bottle.

Myers says that this is unacceptable even though it was just a few bottles of liquor. Stealing is stealing. She also stated that they tried to take the tip jar too but a patron stepped in and stopped them.

Even though Albany Police are involved, the video on Facebook has already been seen 50,000 times in hopes that someone comes forward with information. If you know anything, you are urged to call police at 462-8039.


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