While driving into the radio station on Friday morning April 2nd, at approximately 4:55 AM, I saw something in the sky over the Schenectady County Pine Bush. There were two bright lights,  one in the upper east and and another upper west quadrant of the trapezoid-shaped object.

As I turned the corner onto Kings Road, I continued to look up in the sky hoping for a good enough view to snap a picture.  And just like that *poof* it was gone.  Haters (like my co-host Chrissy) will say I was imagining things, but I know what I saw.  Chrissy Haters will also chuckle at my rendition below and say that it looks like a "peach basket with nipples" or a cartoony "robot goat."   I can't win with Chrissy  the haters, as they've even suggested that what I saw was a result of getting the first shot of the Moderna vaccination on Thursday.

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It's this level of shame and humiliation that has silenced the believers for years but not me. Not now.  Not in 2021 when the Pentagon must release footage from hundreds of credible eye-witness accounts.  I'm not saying that what I saw on Friday morning is one million percent a UFO, but I know that it wasn't a "clothes pinned diaper"  as Chrissy  the haters would suggest.

For the record, if the Pentagon decides that they want to release my "childlike drawing,"  have at it.  Something is out there, and Chrissy  the haters are about to get a Moderna-sized dose of paranormal truth.

Brian's rendition of the UFO he claims he saw over Schenectady
Brian's rendition of the UFO he claims he saw over Schenectady on Friday morning

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