Just like that the rumors and speculation come to an abrupt end. For months now, there has been talk of Kevin Harvick one of NASCAR'S best drivers, moving from Stewart - Hass racing to Hendrick Motersports. The move seem to be a great idea for everyone, Harvick would get to continue to drive a Chevrolet instead of the Ford car that Stewart - Hass is moving to next year, and Hendrick Motersports could continue to field the all star line up race fans have become accustomed to. Yes, the move seemed like a great idea to everyone, except Stewart - Hass and Kevin Harvick.

Whether you believe that Hendrick offered Harvick a contract last week or not it would seem that Stewart - Hass believed it and seems to have acted quickly to stop the rumor mill and sign their best driver to a long term extension. Something I am sure Ford which is trying to get back to the top in NASCAR is happy about if not part of the deal making process.

Keep in mind, Harvick has denied these rumors since they began and has done nothing but pledge allegiance to his current bosses, and team. His long time friendship with Stewart also coming into play.

SO there it is, where the rumors true? Who knows, but I'm sure all parties will deny them. Were these rumors instrumental in this latest announcement? Again, its all speculative. The one thing we know for sure now is that Harvick will be driving a Ford with a number 4 on it for a while to come.


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