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NASCAR Driver Tweets During Rain Delays
NASCAR at Pocono was postponed to Monday!
It seems it always rains at Pocono, doesn’t it?  Well this season is no different!
As I waited patiently to see what the weather would bring, I followed some of the drivers on Twitter to see if they would release any information...
Harvick Signs Long Term Deal With Stewart – Haas
Just like that the rumors and speculation come to an abrupt end. For months now, there has been talk of Kevin Harvick one of NASCAR'S best drivers, moving from Stewart - Hass racing to Hendrick Motersports. The move seem to be a great idea for everyone, Harvick would get to continue to drive a Chevr…
Is Kevin Harvick Joining Hendrick Motersports Next Year?
Well when Kevin Harvick's current owder at Stewart- Haas Racing announced that they will be moving to Fords next year the rumors began circulating that Harvick, a known Chevy lover would be leaving the team. Harvick immediately worked to suppress those rumors and said that it would be would not be i…

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