I know it sounds strange, a hat saving your life, but sometimes once it's dark and you've been on the road for a while, you may get sleepy and this hat can help.

Ford noticed that sleepy drivers don't just put themselves in danger but everyone else on the road too. Sure, they're just trying to work but being on the road those long hours at a time and sometimes in the middle of the night would make anyone tired, Ford wants to help that.

As they said on BroBible.com:

This cap could save a truck driver’s life. SafeCap is designed to keep you awake and it was developed by Ford and Sao Paulo-based creative agency GTB. They’re conducting research to tell the difference between attentive and non-attentive driving. The hat uses sensors and a gyroscope to sense head movements. If a driver starts dozing off, it’ll wake them up with sound, light, and vibration. It’s estimated that 250,000 Americans fall asleep while driving each day.

This sounds like a really great idea, especially since the hat looks great and if you're going to be wearing a trucker hat anyway, wouldn't you like it to potentially save your life? Plus, this obviously isn't just for truckers so if you just like trucker hats, this would be a great buy for you and could save your life someday too!

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