If you drive a Ford, the company is recalling over one million vehicles in the United States alone. The recall involves a major component of the vehicle and could lead to serious accidents. The steering wheel components in certain models of Ford's midsize cars are being recalled for fear that the columns could come loose and make drivers lose control.

The specific models being recalled are certain Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ cars, model years 2014 through 2018. The steering wheel in these models can detach from the steering columns. According to News 10 ABC, over time the bolts inside the steering wheel can loosen, then causing the steering wheel to detach.

If you have one of these vehicles that fits the recall criteria, you are asked to go to the nearest Ford dealer. They will replace the bolts with longer ones that have thicker threads and a patch to stop the problem.

Ford says there have been two known crashes and one injury because of this problem.

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