Nice response from you guys on this one.  Thanks much for your input.  Time to sing about this little (but constantly growing) corner of the planet in Saratoga County

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Since Halfmoon has the same number of syllables as "Pontoon", I decided to go with a parody of that great song from Little Big Town.  Thanks to everyone for contributing, including Benita Zahn from NewsChannel 13!

Here we go folks - I'll let the lyrics do the talking (and they are included below the song!

mp3 version (right click and save and share it and all that)    Halfmoon

    (parody of "Pontoon", by Little Big Town

Watch a flick at the country drive in

Hang out at the crescent boat club
Try clams at the Klamsteam
Have a drink at Old Salty's Pub
(you mean the Tavern, Salty's Tavern )
Lots of fields where you can play baseball
Hayner's ice cream is quite the treat
call up Fred the Butcher
ask him for a prime piece of primemeat
Come to  Halfmoon -
Rolling hills are great for running in the afternoon
Halfmoon Soup and Sandwich  ain't no greasy spoon
get your apples from Devoes
and I bet didn't  know
it's got no zip code
I'd love to go the Pirates Hideout very soon (arrrgh)
why they call it Halfmoon ain't no mystery
It really has a history
man this is a trip
it was Henry Hudson's ship
Halfmoon - there's a lady named Celeste that says it bothers me
that I can smell the landfill here from Colonie
it makes her eyes twitchy
this is Your Town Thursday 
                                                         and I'm Rhymin Richie
    Hope you had fun with this.  Please leave your comments below.......



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