This was an especially fun one to do, because there was SO much participation from the local "peeps".  I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the "background work". Without further adieu, I present my attempt at giving Greenville, NY a song.  (Lyrics and list of contributors follow at the bottom

Greenville logo
from Greenville Website

mp3 version (for you iPhone lovers)

Greenville (Your Town Thursday Song)

Lyrics ©2013 Richie Phillips  All Rights Reserved
produced and sung by Richie
Musically I'll take you around
Tell ya bout a little town
The Greenhill Café Kelly's pharmacy

Take a ride you will find home the Home  Baumans Brookside
Matts juicy hotdogs that's the place to be
If you're not there in the summer that would really be a bummer
Take your car take your truck
You can even feed the ducks
Awesome fire and rescue squad
here is something thay's quite odd
ever here of this before
a town with 3 dollar stores?
This is the town of Greenville
That Spartan team can fight
They are maroon and white
We love the town of Greenville
The Western Store is here for all your cowboy gear
Farming here is very cool it's a real big club in school
People Here will help you anytime you want
Great place to have some food put you in a good mood
Mountain View and Vince Annas Italian restaurant
they come from the city now and again to relax and get some zen
Want to buy some property?  Go to Lafferty Realty
rotary fair in the center of town
you see mountains all around
Watch it driving in the night
Only has one traffic light
This is the town of Greenville
The town board isn't evil
they listen to their people
The kids from the town of Greenville
Patriotic? Very! They support the military!
Greenville - the home of local Marine Hero Luke McDermott
Screen shot Greenville school
from Google Earth
Credit Where Credit Is Due (thanks to the following for all your help)
Danielle Furman Antonelli
 (in bold because she spread the word to so many!) 
Tara Tolan
Ronnie Kerr
Megan Lafferty
Steve Smith
Pamela Fancher
Michael Pich
Kathy Lowe
Leslie Arp
Leona Statham
Cynthia Mcllhenny
Jeanne Benson
Stewart Wagner
Bernadine Alix-Smith
Pan Ruzzi
Debra Danner
Rory Van Duezen
Debbi Zippilli-Johnson
Susan Hillicoss
Sandra Lynn VanValkenburgh
Tori Keir
Darcy Muntz
Donna ae Klob
Debbie Smith
Jonathan DeSarno
Melissa Trostle
Denise Ridings
Sandy Pecore
Michele Weidman
Bernadette Palmieri
Heather Champlin
Megan Lafferty
Karen Hancock
Jean Bensen
Charlotte Buckley
Brittani Kane
Amy Kuschka
Peter Sudds
Gloria Duncan
Jame Albnin
Eric Melito
Heidi Hendriz
Deanna Picarelli
Melissa Osteen
Cari Carter
Kara Mc
Ursula Schüler
I THINK that's everyone!  If I fogot anybody, I apologize

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