There's never a summer that goes by where I don't make at least one stop at a drive-in theatre. Usually, you'd get to see the brand new movies but for a cheaper price and from your car. This Greenville drive-in is similar, but with a twist.

At the Greenville Drive-In (Drive-In 32), you can pull up with your car, enjoy a movie on a big outdoor screen. Though, you're going to find those kinds of movies here, it's something else that brings the regulars back.  According to the Timeus Union, last weekend, instead of playing "The Ant Man and the Wasp," they played the 1933 classic "King Kong."

Along with the movie, they also offer cornhole and badminton at the snack bar. Inside the snack bar, the owners utilize their liquor license since buying the drive-in three years ago by creating handmade cocktails but you can't bring them back to your car, and have to enjoy them in the garden. "Upcoming plans, for instance, include an as-yet-unscheduled double feature of “Shaun of the Dead” and “Zombieland.” Dress as a zombie and get in free."

This weekend, they will be featuring "The Incredibles 2" and "Solo" bt next weekend, you'll be able to see Labyrinth (one with live music accompanying the movie).

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