You always hear how the internet is a nasty breeding ground for bullying.  I'm about to show you a couple of places that does the exact opposite - resources that you can use if you are either a victim or the parent of someone who may be bullied

This is Anti-Bullying Awareness Month, and all this week on the morning show, we are featuring little factoids about the problem, guests who are knowledgeable in the subject area, and places you can go to learn ways to cope with this epidemic problem.

Here's a staggering statistic to just get you thinking: suggests that 90 percent of children in grades 4 through 8 have been bullied at some point.


Again, we're not talking about the innocent  "ribbing" of someone else.  To an extent I think it's actually human nature to point out someone else's little foibles here and there (if in a non threatening way)  We all have to put our big boy pants and accept that they will be the recipient of some of that once in awhile. But the out and out physical or mental abuse that some are forced to endure in their formative years?  Unacceptable.

So say Albany County District Attorney David Soares and Dr Phil Fusco from the Academy Of Character Education at The Sage Colleges.

They both have important websites to visit.  Mr. Soares has spearheaded a campaign called WORDS (because "words can hurt or heal"). It promotes random acts of kindness with fabulous prizes attached) .  You can read all about it on the Albany County DA website.

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The institution Dr Fusco is involved in has an entire LIBRARY of information.  The Academy For Character Education at the Sage Colleges is the place for "one stop shopping" against bullying.

They are actually promoting a book called ONE, by Kathryn Otoshi that is a must read, and you can order a special book package including study guide on their website.

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We want to not only control bullying, but END it totally.  I know that's a little "pie in the sky", but it's a great thing to aim for, isn't it?

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