Ok, so there was this headline I heard on the air this morning as I walked into the studio. "Schenectady school bullying hotline shut down, parents upset".  Then I saw it online. So is Schenectady this nasty, callous school system that doesn't care about kids getting picked on?  I think not.  I have proof.

I really don't have to read the articles any farther than I have. No offense, but  I'm not too pleased about the connotation here.

Yes, according to the article from News10.com, they did shut the Bullying Hotline, that's true.  But noone really asked why!

According to the superintendent, IT WASN'T BEING USED and it caused more paperwork for the school than it was worth.  I think that's reasonable, don't you?  If it's just more red tape.  They have enough of that.  You shouldn't take from this that they don't care.  That's ridiculous.

Plus, I have spent a lot of time in Schenectady schools over the years creating anti-bullying songs with kids, and can tell you from experience that students already know what to do and who to talk to if they are bullied before I even start working with them. They pay a ton of attention to the problem as far as I've seen.

Google Earth
Google Earth


Here are just a couple of examples of songs written by kids to prove my point

Here's another -

I just had to chime in here.  I will now get off of my soap box.



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