There really are moments where you think the world is going to far, this is one of them.

The University of Washington decided to embark on a study to stop racism at least in the field of writing. Now while I applaud the effort being made on their part, I also don't completely understand. The question being (which I am sure is not what they mean), my misspells that occur on a regular basis are racist? That isn't exactly what they mean.

“While overt racism is usually easily identified, more elusive are microaggressions, forms of degradation which manifest on a subconscious and casual level." - NEWS 10

Now when I read that I think of what we have all encountered. Trolls. Not the dolls. The people who seemingly attack someone for no correct reason other than the fact they have nothing better to do. Yet again maybe I am wrong with that assumption. Beyond that I could assume cyber bullying seeing as that is a bully who writes.

Back to the original matter, proper grammar can be racist. Do you agree and believe that? Lets find out how racist the Capital Region is, of course you must have some pretty impressive grammar in order to do so. Let us know in the poll below.

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