This is the prank call Brian and Chrissy (AKA The Phone Frauds) made to a man named Chris from Saratoga Springs. Pretending to be the manager of the restaurant the couple had reservations for on Valentine's Day, Brian informed the man of multiple changes made to his romantic dinner. Turns out, his corner table for two had been given to Chad Kroger from Nickelback. Chris, as you can imagine, was not too pleased and had some choice words for the manager of the restaurant as well as the lead singer of Nickelback.  Enjoy!

We don't really know what's funnier; Brian's ridiculous accent (which we STILL haven't been able to figure out which part of the world he's pretending to be from) or the threats made to Nickelback by the annoyed boyfriend.

If you think you know someone who needs to be messed with by The Phone Frauds, email Brian and Chrissy with an idea to

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