valentine's day

Get Wine for Your Valentine at Target
If you are thinking of having a nice romantic evening at home, consider saving some money on a bottle of wine for your Valentine. Target is selling inexpensive rose for your bae.
What Do Women Expect On Valentines Day (Poll)
Once every 3-4 years Valentines Day falls on a Friday or Saturday and men all over the Capital Region are basically screwed.  And this would be of those years.  By now you probably know that Valentines is on a Friday, so the let the sweats begin. Ladies, be honest, what do you really want (or expect…
A Little Less Conversation Hearts
Last year, we went without the iconic conversation hearts for Valentine's Day. Then we found out that they are back this year but in limited quantity. Now there is one more piece of news that no one expected about these perfect candies.
Love Cowboy Offers Valuable Valentine Advice
William in Altamont emailed the show trying to get some ideas from the Love Cowboy to spice up Valentines Day which will mark the 25th anniversary of the day he met his wife. Did Love Cowboy shoot an arrow through his heart?

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