I love Chipotle but sometimes I don't feel like going there and getting it. I occasionally get delivery but it can be pricey. For a limited time we can all get Chipotle delivered for free. Here's how.

Chipotle is making it easier and cheaper to order delivery to your door. In honor of College Bowl Season, Chipotle is offering free delivery through the DoorDash delivery app. According to Simplemost, if you spend ten dollars or more you are eligible for free delivery from Chipotle.

They call it the Free Delivery Bowl in honor of the college football bowl games but you don't have to be into college football to take advantage of the deal. You must order Chipotle through DoorDash to get the free delivery. There is no promo code and the discount will take place at checkout.

You need to check and make sure that your nearby Chipotle is participating in the deal before you order. Some of the restaurants may not be participating. The deal runs through January 7, 2019. To get all the details on the deal, click HERE.

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