Everyone is trying to follow social distancing during this coronavirus outbreak. To make it easier, Chipotle has announced it will offer free delivery throughout the month of March.  According to Delish.com, Chipotle is giving you a reason to stay at home while still enjoying your favorite foods. They will offer free delivery with an order of ten dollars or more. You just have to order your favorites online at Chipotle.com or the Chipotle app.

Chipotle is also adding tamper-evident seals to all packages to make sure that the food is secured when being delivered to your door. You are also to add instructions to your order so there is limited contact with your delivery person.

If you do a mobile order on the app, you can take advantage of the Chipotlanes at participating locations. These are in place for Chipotle employees to deliver your order to your car.

With all of this social distancing, at least we can still find ways to have the food we love brought to us. Small victories.

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