With Black Friday approaching, many people will be heading out to do their holiday shopping. This is the day that most stores give everyone a chance to get more for their money, with some really good sales.

Holiday Shopping Research

Just to make sure that you are getting a better bargain, I found some tips from the Better Business Bureau (or the BBB) that might make your Black Friday shopping experience go a little smoother, and maybe make you feel a little wiser.

1) Shop With Knowledge

Do your research before you leave your house. Check out what kind of deals you can get by looking online with retailers web sites.

Check out advertisements in the newspapers or maybe you get them through the mail. If you see a coupon for something you’re going to get, clip it. Maybe we can get Sean to have Andrea list some holiday coupon information.

Bring those ads with you. You don’t want to get ripped off, and make sure that you get the correct deal.


2) Sign up for advanced alerts

Sign up online for email alerts from retailers that you’re planning on using. Check out and “like” their Facebook pages, too. These may provide you with some early alerts for special sales.


3) Compare Shopping Online

Check out retailers websites and compare the prices they offer. This will let you see which store has the best bargain.


4) Watch out for false or misleading advertising

There will be some companies that will have false, misleading or just plain fraudulent advertisements that can actually trick you into going to their store. Most stores are very reputable, but it’s always good to check it out before you go out. If you’d like assistance to help to decipher truth in adverting, you can go to BBB's code of advertising.


5) Look for exchange and return policies

A lot of the regular store policies can change for some of the Black Friday deals. Always make sure you know what those policies are. This would go for online sales too.


Our friends at the BBB are there to help. This will take a little bit of work, but will be well worth it in the end. Are you one of those people that gets up very early on Black Friday to get deals for your holiday shopping?


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