We're getting more answers about the fire that engulfed Rachel Ray's Lake Luzerne house last night.

Brian and Chrissy from the GNA Morning Show talked to a 4th generation local firefighter who arrived on the scene shortly after he heard the distress call go out over the scanner.  He told Brian and Chrissy that Rachel along with her husband John and their dog were in fact in the house when nearby neighbors saw it go up in flames.

The firefighter, Kenneth Dickinson, 48 from Glens Falls, also shared some other insight with Brian and Chrissy as he was at the scene of the fire for well over an hour. He told GNA that, without a doubt, this is sadly a "total loss" and that he believes the fire started in the chimney.

Dickinson also described Ray's demeanor as she came back to the scene and watched her home burn down from her driveway saying that she was actually quite calm and collected.  So sad, but thankfully, no one got hurt.

Listen to the entire interview here:

Photo: Kenneth Dickinson Facebook
Photo: Kenneth Dickinson Facebook


Photo: Kenneth Dickinson Facebook


Ray, the celebrity chef and talk show host grew up in Warren County has a few homes here in the Capital Region and others throughout New York State.

In a story published by Saratoga Living a few months ago, the home that was on fire is believed to be where Rachel Ray was filming her television show rather than the more posh apartment she was living in down in New York City.

Ray told Saratoga Living the she "decorated the house before it was ever built." Ray also provided a  video tour of her kitchen and pantry adding that she "drew the house on a piece of paper so I knew what I wanted it to be in my mind."

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