Every holiday season, my son, Ryan, insists on building and eating a gingerbread house. Every time I cringe at the thought of that awful cookie flavor. Now my prayers have been answered. There is a new holiday house kit that is delicious and fun to put together.  Everyone rejoice! This holiday season, if you are like me, you dread making that gingerbread house with your kids. First of all, the cookie flavor itself is just awful. Now Oreo has come to our rescue.

According to WGRZ, you can buy the new Holiday Chocolate Cookie House Kit from Oreo. It is being sold at Big Lots. It not only has delicious full-size and mini Oreos but the kit contains pre-baked chocolate cookie pieces, pre-made icing, fruity gummies, and candy jewels. So pretty much everything you need from Oreo to make the perfect and most delicious holiday cookie house. The best part is that it sells for just ten bucks at Big Lots. I'm sure they will be flying off the shelves so get yours HERE now.

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