There is a new kind of stocking that you can hang by the chimney with care. If you have a wine lover on your gift list, this stocking is the perfect gift. According to, there is a stocking for the wine lover in all of us. It's called the "Happy Hangover" stocking and it hangs over the fireplace or a railing and it can be filled with whatever wine you want. This stocking holds nearly three bottles of wine or seventy ounces of the beverage of your choice.

There is a convenient spout on the end so it's easy to pour. The stocking is made of thick, food-grade plastic so you can use it over and over again. It's a cool centerpiece for your holiday party. It has "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" and "Happy Hangover On It".

The best part is that it's only $8.99 so it's perfect for a Secret Santa gift. The only thing you have to supply is the wine. So you can pick the wine you want and fill it 'til your heart's content.

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