There was a story trending on Facebook during the week of a woman who almost was trafficked through an Uber. You think "That happened in Florida, though, I'm safe." Now, CBS 6 is investigating why we should be worried about it here in the Capital Region.

CBS 6 was talking to a woman named Marie who is originally from Albany County but currently lives in Schenectady. Marie met a guy while she was at work, they got closer, and she eventually started staying with him. What started out as friendship, turned into a completely different relationship. One that lasted 4 years when she was forced into physical relationships she didn't want to be in.

Now, talking to local Homeland Security Investigations Special Agents, CBS 6 reported that "investigators are working cases like Marie's, right here in the Capital Region."

Tonight, they'll be talking more to Homeland Security Investigations and breaking down specific numbers locally and why they think traffickers are coming here. Luckily, we have a lot of places here that can help.

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