Now that the days are getting longer and the groundhog saw his shadow, we're going to start seeing Spring clothes hitting stores, if they haven't done so already.  So what can we expect the trends to be this Spring?

After doing some research at local stores and boutiques as well as shopping online, I put together a list of a few things you could add to your Spring wardrobe this year to feel a little updated.  Here are five things to look for if you're beginning to get ready for Spring 2011 and you want to be up-to-date on the trends without necessarily spending a lot of money.

1 - Neutrals: whether it's a simple pair of beige or blush colored shoes, neutrals are a big hit this Spring.


2- Wide leg jeans/pants: break out your parents vintage jeans from the 70's; bell bottom jeans and wide leg pants are back with a vengeance.  Especially this Spring, they're being teamed up with a tucked in, flowy-type of blouse.



3- Statement Rings (my personal favorite): big, oversized rings are back again for this Spring; they've been popular the past few seasons, but especially for this season, you'll see a lot of unique & exaggerated pastel colored rings for Spring.

4- Navy blue red & white stripes: this Spring, you'll see many striped

sweaters, blouses and even jackets.  For the most part, they will be either navy and white or red and white stripes -- very nautical.  A must for your Spring wardrobe.

5- Cropped jackets/blazers: we saw these over the winter and even back in the fall. Great way to stay warm on those brisk, Spring mornings, but easy to take off throughout the day once the temperature gets up to the temperatures we've been praying for.