Fashion changes and it seems like there are a few big companies, magazines, blogs that dictate what's trending and usually even if it's not my style, I still get it, this though I don't understand.

There's a new Kickstarter that's rapidly trending for a company called RompHim. For those familiar with rompers, think the same thing but for men. That's how they got the name, romp-her vs. romp-him.

Originally the company was looking for $10,000 but are currently sitting at over $42,000 with the number still growing. They said that they tested the RompHim on men of all shapes and sizes and all agreed that this is the piece of fashion that men have been missing. Rompers are one-piece garments with short sleeves/straps/strapless with usually shorts.

RompHim, Kickstarter
RompHim, Kickstarter

The RompHims will have a front suit pocket, adjustable waist, zippered back pocket and deep front pockets. They also come in three colors, red (pink), blue, splatter print and a special edition scheme for Fourth of July.

I've worn rompers and honestly, they look really cute but I feel like they're more of a struggle than they're worth. I sit down and they ride up, I move quickly and they ride up, I stand up and they ride up- see what I'm getting at, guys? Would you buy this for your guy? As a guy, would you wear this?

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