I'm so glad that country star Chase Rice made a very bold statement on Twitter about "guy rompers".  Gotta give the dude credit for totally keeping it real when he tweeted out this on Tuesday.  After reading it, you may not want to wear your "RompHim" to see Brad Paisley tonight!

So, I'll admit, I was worried.  What if the "guy romper" or RompHim actually became a "thing" that guys wore? Would I be forced to at least explore it and try one on and see how it looks?  My initial thought was helllllllll no.  But I also said the same thing about the Justin Bieber style skinny jeans that were literally looked tight enough to be yoga pants

Skiiny jeans

. Then every athlete and rock star started wearing them and the "look" went from being utterly ridiculous to somewhat tolerable to "ok, let me at least try a pair on!"  I'll admit;  I own a pair of "skinny-ish" jeans. I put them on every once in a while just waiting for someone to comment on them, and maybe they do, just not to my face!


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