All of us in the radio and TV biz have made flubs.  Of course, at our level, it isn't quite as devastating if we make a mistake --unless we happen to say something that isn't FCC friendly.  And we've had our bloopers, but nothing like these:


I remember when I first started--in fact I think it was my first day, we had the weatherman on the phone.  It was Bob Kovachick from NewsChannel 13 here in Albany.  He gave his 4 day prognostication, and ended with--"Ok guys, that's my forecast-back to you".  Well, I followed with "Bob -I have a question!!".  At that point my partner, the late great Uncle Fred Horton, shook his head nervously as if to say "shut up!"

Well I didn't realize that Bob was prerecorded!.  I was talking to a recording!!

I've made many many more faux paus since, but I must say that I got a huge kick out of some of the mistakes over at the Fox News Network.  (Glen Beck was their biggest, but I digress).  Check these out! A few of these are a little risque so you may want to keep the kids away:

What's the biggest screw-up you've ever had at work?  Send it in.  We might make a show out of it!

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