It seems the sands will soon run out of the hourglass.

Days Of Our Lives Book Signing - Oak Park Mall Barnes And Noble
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My Mom would be beside herself with anger right now if she got this news. According to an article in Women's Day, long time running soap opera "Days of Our Lives" will not be back for 2018. It is rumored that the show that has been a staple in many peoples lives since 1965 will be replaced by a daily news show hosted by former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly. You probably know that Megyn went to Bethlehem Schools and grew up right here in Delmar.


Days Of Our Lives Book Signing - Barnes And Noble, Dallas
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But don't take away Days!

When I was in middle school my Mom was absolutely crazy about her soap operas and since we one of the first in our neighborhood to own a VCR, she quickly realized that if she taped all of her "soaps" during the day she could spend every afternoon watching them and fast forwarding through the commercials. My Mother's method of taping and watching then became the reason I too would have to watch them if I were home in the afternoon after school. "Days" was my Moms obsession, and I have to admit at times I even made a sandwich after school and sat down to see what was happening to Bo and Hope.

I am saddened by the news because seeing the show still on in a way, for me kept my Mom alive a little bit too.



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