It seems that anyone who went to middle school or high school has seen their number of bullies. Just because we went through it, doesn't make it right. Thankfully, the New York State Senate is hoping to do something about it.

The New York State Senate wants more than anything to see this particular law pass this session. NewsChannel 13 is reporting that they're pushing for Jacobe's Law to be passed in the assembly after passing 59-0 in the Senate earlier this year.

Jacobe's Law is named after 13-year-old Jacobe Taras of Fort Edward. Taras took his own life in 2015 and left a note saying that he could not deal with all of the bullying. If this law passes, it would require parents to get notifications about school bullying. NewsChannel 13 went into more detail:

Schools are already required to report incidents of bullying to the state Education Department but do not have to notify parents. This new law would require schools to let parents know about reported harassment or discrimination involving their children, as well.

I can't see anyone to have a reason for this law to not pass. The Tarases said they were aware of some bullying but was left in the dark about the exact magnitude that led to Jacobe's actions. The mission of this law is to inform the parents so that tragedies like Jacobe's don't happen again.

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