When you drive the same way every day to work, you get used to seeing the same houses, the same roads and every so often one or two houses stand out. I've been driving this new route about a month and I look forward to seeing this one house every morning.

There are the houses on my street that change their flags with every season, the houses the keep up Christmas lights way after the snow has melted, the houses that put all of their work into a beautiful garden but I pass by one house on my drive that's completely different.

Jessica Sims, Townsquare Media
Jessica Sims, Townsquare Media

At first, I thought that maybe they were cleaning out their house or maybe in the process of moving it into their garage but days went by and still staring at me every morning is The King, Elvis Presley.

I posted this picture on my Instagram and apparently this house is pretty famous. It's known for its Halloween decorations and I guess the fact that there wasn't a skeleton sitting on a couch was absurd. I know that if I met the people who live in the house, we'd get along. Have you seen this house in Schenectady? Do you have that one house in your neighborhood that stands out?

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