Call it Maddy Mania. Here in the Capital Region, people who haven't watched American Idol in years are tuning in to American Idol to see the 17-year-old Cohoes singing star that everyone is talking about.  For about a month now, Madison VanDenberg has delivered one spectacular performance after another, and we're about to find out if she survived another cut on American Idol. 

Another spectacular performance by Madison VanDenberg may have catapulted her into the Top 14 of American Idol, but we won't find out until next week.  However, if last night's performance is any indication, we pretty much already know.

Performing 'Domino' by pop-singer Jessie J, VanDenberg made another case for why she's at least one of the four or five very best of the remaining contestants.

Katy Perry marveled at Madison's singing voice while Luke Bryan accentuated the praise telling the 17-year-old from Cohoes, 'You need to wrap your head around how wonderful your voice is!"  In the next breath, Bryan joked about how she makes it look so easy when she's hitting those notes.

'It's not supposed to be this need to make it look harder!" he said with a grin.

While the AI schedule is somewhat of a mystery, it is believed that beginning in the next week (perhaps Sunday's show) Idol will chop 6 more contestants.  VanDenberg should be safe for now.  Then it's off to competing in the exciting 'live' rounds where viewers will vote and determine the fate of the singers each week.

Luke is right. It's not supposed to be this easy.  Then again, these TV reality singing shows are are as unpredictable as Capital Region weather. But for now, Maddy Mania is in full effect here in the Capital Region, and Madison herself seems to be enjoying the madness!




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