Another plea for everyone to stop eating romaine lettuce. Restaurants and homes are being urged to throw all of that type of lettuce away immediately. It seems that every other week we have a food item to be worried about because of some sort of bacteria. This time it's romaine lettuce. According to News 10 ABC, another E. Coli outbreak has caused U.S. health officials to tell us to not only to avoid eating romaine lettuce but to throw it all away.

So far the outbreak has made thirty two people in eleven states sick. The outbreak is also believed to be in Canada. The Food and Drug Administration says this E. Coli strain is different from the one that happened earlier this year but similar to the one last year in other lettuce.

There is, however, not enough information to have suppliers issue a recall of the romaine lettuce. But they are encouraging them not to ship until they can identify where the contamination is coming from. In the mean time, you are asked to not eat romaine at restaurants or buy it from grocery stores. If you have some in your fridge you are urged to throw it away.

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