When you are at the top of your game people will attack you. We all know this is true. In sports if you are far and away the best in a certain time period people will grow to hate you. This is true of the Yankees, Tiger Woods, the Patriots, and yes, Jimmie Johnson.

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This is even more the case with Jimmie because he won 5 Nascar Championships in a row, a feat you really don't see much in any sport.

So yeah I get it the guy wins a lot and as a fan of the sport maybe it does get a little old, maybe you'd like to see someone else dominate for a while. Well, if history repeats itself, someone else will at some point take the throne. I am fine with that but let's start being honest with ourselves here, if someone is going to dominate a sport for a few years, why not Jimmie? As far as I can see, and I have been a fan of his for a long time the guy is full of class. Does he slip now and then and the human in him comes out , yes but still a class act. Perhaps that makes him even more easy to hate.

This guy is so hated though that there is even a Jimmie Johnson Bashing Book Page on Facebook.

This week it was Kyle Busch who insinuated that Jimmie and his Crew Chief, Chad Knaus were "cheating". He said,  "A lot of these other teams figure out how to play by the rules. It seems like there's one that's late more often than the rest. … Every time they're late, they're always fast. Maybe we need to be late." This of course is him implying that the 48 crew "faked" their inspection issues in order to qualify after cloud cover rolled in and cooled the track making it faster.

Really Kyle?

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Even if it were true, which I find it to be a bit too "conspiracy theory" to believe, how would it even be cheating? Everyting that happened happened in accordance to NASCAR rules and standards. We could argue whether it is fair, but not cheating. I would argue that even if it were the truth, the only problem that Kyle or any other driver would have is that they didn't think of it.

Let's be clear about what is cheating and what isn't people. Cheating is defined as: Acting dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, esp. in a game or examination: "she cheats at cards". What Kyle is insinuating would actually be within the regulations of Nascar, so it can not be cheating.

As far as the gaining an unfair advantage? Well I know for a fact that , Jimmie, Chad and everyone at Hendricks Motor Sports do everything within their power to make that car the fastest on the track, that  is what racing is all about! There are rules and inspectors for a reason, the reason is that yes, every team is going to try to put the fastest car possible on that track and in doing so may come up with a design that does not pass inspection.  The problem here is that because of the rules and specs, and how even a tiny fraction of an inch can make a difference if you haven't occasionally gone "over the line" and failed an inspection I'd say you just are not doing your job. There is no cheating in failing an inspection, cheating is failing an inspection and then NOT making the changes necessary to pass.

If you have not tried to figure out every possible way to make your team better, and trying to do so within the "rules" of Nascar, you are not doing your job. What I believe bothers so many people is that the 48 crew do do their job, and they do it to the tiniest fraction of an inch better than everyone else.

Stop crying and beat them.