Which Capital Region Town Has The Most Cheaters?
Quickly becoming one of my favorite websites, has analyzed 434 towns and cities in New York and published a top ten list of the New York cities that are most likely to cheat.
The Capital Region has 2 cities on the list. Actually 2 in the top 5...
As Heard On ‘GNA: Why Men Cheat on Women
Yesterday we found the most fascinating list on our local page!  We were looking for a missed connection to present on the air, as we do every Tuesday morning, and Sean, Richie, and I all were shocked by this particular post...
Can a Man and a Woman Be ‘Just Friends’
Wondering if your man is running around on you with that chick that's "just his friend"???
You're probably trying to be cool about it, all the while wondering if a man and a woman can really be “just friends”.
Well, lucky for you, science is invo…
The Ashley Madison Song -Live in WGNA Studio [VIDEO]
This is a song parody about the Ashley Madison Website scandal that I performed live on the air and we recorded video of this incident as it happened.   It features Dave Scriven on guitar.   I thought it might be interesting to show what it's like in the studio as it happens, so here …
You’ll Probably Meet Your Mistress At…
At least that's what the results of a new survey suggest.
The survey asked people who've had affairs where they met the person they cheated with . . . and it's going to make you worry about everywhere your lover goes.
30% of people who cheated met the person they did it with at WOR…
Does Jimmie Johnson Cheat Or Is Kyle Busch A Baby?
When you are at the top of your game people will attack you. We all know this is true. In sports if you are far and away the best in a certain time period people will grow to hate you. This is true of the Yankees, Tiger Woods, the Patriots, and yes, Jimmie Johnson.

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