The pandemic has been a struggle for a lot of different reasons. For me, it's the lack of motivation and the ease of snacking and eating. I can't say that I am proud of my weight gain during the lockdown, but it's nice to know I am not alone.

According to a study in the New York Times, they found that people during the pandemic gained an average of two pounds per month. Sad to say that I am definitely one of these people. Before the coronavirus pandemic hit I had lost nearly twenty-five pounds. I was working out and eating right. Then after about two months, I began to get complacent. I wasn't motivated or watching what I was eating. A lot of it was emotional and boredom. There was nothing else to do but snack and eat. Sure I could've worked out more, after all, I had a spin bike in my basement, but I didn't.

Chrissy Townsquare Media
Chrissy Townsquare Media

I don't want to use that survey as an excuse by any means but it feels good to know that the average weight gain is twenty-four pounds. It may seem like a lot but after the year we all had, two pounds a month for an entire year really makes sense. Plus if you have dieted as much as I have, you know that it is always easier to gain the weight back than to lose it.

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It looks as if we are turning a corner in this pandemic, so maybe my motivation will come back soon. Plus having an almost ten-year-old wanting to play outside in the nice weather, I better get back into some kind of shape instead of just round.

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