I'll admit that I am one of those people who is a hugger and announces it whenever I meet someone new. Well, that's what I was before the pandemic. Now that things are getting back to normal, it's been harder for me to admit that I am a hugger and to fully commit on my end to a hug.

My family is different. I really hadn't stopped hugging them. Sure we made sure we were masked up but it didn't stop the family embrace. I am finding it increasingly difficult to get back to my hugging ways. I want to, but I know that strangers aren't comfortable with fist bumps or high fives let alone coming in for the hug. I started asking myself, "When will we fully hug again?"

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When I announce that I am a hugger, I am usually welcomed with open arms, now it's just open, pretend hugs from a distance. Now I announce that I am vaccinated, but never go in for a hug, just a high-five or a fist bump. I feel though that things are changing. Just last week, at a remote, I met a few listeners that I had never met before. We had all been vaccinated and three out of the four came in for a hug. That felt good but I think it's going to be quite some time until my hugging quota is back to normal.

Whatever your greeting was before the pandemic, chances are you aren't doing the same now. That's okay, I think sooner than later we will slowly morph back into what we were comfortable with before. Until then, if we meet, I may ask if it's okay if we hug. Don't be alarmed, embrace it.

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