After being eliminated once on "America's Got Talent," Saratoga magician, Steve Brundage knew it could always be a possibility again. How many people are typically eliminated and then offered the opportunity to come back because the judges believe they made a mistake?!

So, last night when it came down to choosing the semifinalists for Season 11 of the reality show, the Capital Region was on the edge of its seat!

How would he fare after seemingly stunning the judges the night before with his Rubiks cube magic?

They wasted no time last night allowing five acts to immediately advance: Sofie Dossi (blindfolded shooting flaming arrow act), Viktor Kee (juggler), The Clairvoyants (mind readers), Calysta Bevier (singer) and the final spot? Steve Brundage, our local magician! How cool!

Five more acts were allowed through for the semi-finals that will start in two weeks, after the Olympics.

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