The recent terrorist attacks in Paris are the most heartbreaking, gutwrenching event ever. You can read all about all the latest developments here from CNN.
It's all beyond my pea-sized brain to take this all in. Don't ask me to explain this or analyze it.  I'm just the piano player.  I'm happiest with my head down, staring at a keyboard in a quiet room trying to pick out a tune.  It's so peaceful.  Music can be so healing at times.
But how do you possibly soothe the broken hearts and torn emotions of Parisians?    David Martello seems to have the same idea, but in his case he has gone the extra mile (or shall I say 400 miles) .  With a full sized piano attached to his bicycle, he transported it to the site of this tragic event . He did the same during the Charlie Hebdo attack and during protests in Afghanistan, by the way
David, in an attempt to bring some much needed calm, played his interpretation of John Lennon's  "Imagine".  I found it on YouTube. It's really moving
It almost reminds you of something you'd see in some World War II newsreel or something - It was an eery throwback.
I give him all the credit in the world for the tremendous effort he makes in trying to
bring a little sanity back into this incredibly screwed up planet.  Bless you, David.  Our hearts go out to you and all of Paris.

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