I'm sure you've gotten a scam phone call before and written it off as nothing, but what if the person on the other line seems to know information about your family?

I happened to see this story being shared on Facebook yesterday and when I saw the scam had to do with "Erie Blvd," I couldn't help but read on. According to a Facebook post by Andrea Mascato, her daughter Victoria received a phone call telling her that her mother had been hurt and that he was there with her, had her phone, and demanded that Victoria pick her up. When she was going to verify the accident with the police, he said if she hung up, he was going to kill her mother!

At first, sounds like a total scam, but Victoria said she could hear a woman crying in the background. She did end up hanging up and called her mother to verify that she was okay, and she was. Victoria said the only reason she was sure that her mother wasn't in a car accident was because she had borrowed her mother's car that morning.

The phone scams are getting better and better, and even though this version of the story happened in Syracuse, NY, there's an "Erie Blvd" in Schenectady and that phone call would've terrified me! Just keep an eye out for this type of call going around. Some are calling it a money scam but who's to say there wouldn't have been a man on "Erie Blvd" waiting for Victoria?

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