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Phone Scam Targets Grandparents
Beware of a new phone scam that is circulating and targeting grandparents saying that their grandchild is in trouble. This scam is pretty elaborate too, stay alert.
Beware: New Phone Scam
It seems every time we turn around there is another scam. There is one that is circulating through the Capital Region claiming they are from a local sheriff's office and you own money in fines.
Beware Of This Phone Scam
There is another phone scam that is hitting the Capital Region. This time it's targeting the Albany area. The scammers are impersonating the police.
Phone Scam Claiming to Be from FBI
I'm sure you get calls all of the time from numbers you don't know. Now, a new scam is going around where someone is pretending to be from the FBI! Before you give out your information, this is what it looks like.
Beware of New Phone Scam
Beware - A new phone scam is making it's way across the Capital Region.
In an effort to keep you all safe out there, I wanted to pass along this information of a new phone scam happening.
New York State police are warning Capital Region residents about another telephone scam happening now...

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