The state will be altering how restaurants can serve there patrons in an effort to further encourage socially distant dining.

According to a Times Union report, New York is tweaking how restaurants statewide can serve patrons as we continue to navigate the coronavirus pandemic. Governor Cuomo announced today that for the time being restaurants can no longer serve alcohol to patrons who are not buying food. Part of this new rule is patrons can no longer walk up to a bar for a drink. The Times Union says this is meant to reduce "mingling" among dinner parties.

On one side of this I can imagine the frustration of restaurants and diners. Restaurants want to serve as many patrons as possible to keep their businesses alive, and as social beings diners just want to interact with others. We've been stuck inside for months and need some human interaction!

That said, as the state continues to monitor the virus and the different challenges that have arisen with people not focused enough on social distancing, tweaks to the rules are still better than closing restaurants. As annoying as these little inconveniences can be, I think we all prefer that our local restaurants stay open as we make the adjustments necessary to ensure they do.

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